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The Path Less Traveled

Wayfinders is a 3 month online training for young men and women to cultivate deeper Connection, Clarity, and Courage.

Your Life, Your Way.

What happens inside Wayfinders?

– Find your inner compass, and learn to navigate life from your center.
– Become more grounded, rooted, and deepen your trust.
– Awaken to your potential to feel free and alive in new ways.
– Dive deep into your heart, passion, and inspiration.

– Exercises to bring clarity to who you are, why you are here on earth, and the vision for the life you want to create.
– Discover your gifts and insights in all areas of your life.
– Learn life lessons on the inner journey, using external life as a mirror for internal reflection and personal evolution.

– Tangible practices, life shifts, and support on your life path.
– Shifting self image, and the confidence to be yourself on a new level.
– Heal and overcome fears, old patterns, and limiting beliefs.
– Creating momentum in the direction of your dreams.

Wayfinders Includes:

– (12) Weekly video trainings.

– (12) Weekly class calls on Zoom with Rowan and team members.

– Group chats & private messenger with Rowan.

– Weekly challenges and activities to support you on your journey.

This training is for you if:

– You’re a young man or woman & you want to live a life you love & are excited to wake up for.

– You’re ready to overcome your fears, doubts, & limitations so you can live your dreams and make a difference

– You want to discover who you are & strengthen your inner genius and gifts.

– You’ve felt suffocated & dead inside when you’ve tried to fit into the mold of society, and your uninterested in settling for a “normal” life.

– You don’t just want to dream forever, you want to turn your visions into reality.

– You’re ready for mentorship, guidance, and to connect with others on the path less traveled.

Become who you were born to be.