For our retreat in Nepal, Helix helped us formulate our message, our story, and what we do in our essence. They asked profound questions and really understood what was needed. I put trust in them, and they created a beautiful video that inspired people in joining our next retreats and helped us deliver results. I highly recommend working with Helix.

Joris Vandoorslaer & Sanne Meert

Facilitators, Unleashing of Potential

Helix Digital Creations – I’m talking about the most reliable men I’ve ever worked with. The most creative when it comes to problem solving and innovation. These two fellas are a dynamic duo, and the way they work with their team is truly inspiring.
Rowan is a wizard, translating our visions into content that can inspire and inform the world. And Shaun is a true master of his craft. His standard is far beyond the standard that I even have for our episodes, so it’s a guaranteed amazing product every day.

Jeddy Azuma

Mentor for Men, The Rising Man Podcast

During our build up to this year of Unifier Festival, we were looking for a promotional push that would fit our community’s specific style. We run a very inclusive gathering in the Northeast, and we try to appeal to a very specific clientele for good reasons. HELIX was able to hone in on our needs, with their abilities as good listener, and their fingers on the various pulses of what is happening in the industry currently. Their positivity, work ethic and prompt response time were all laudable. And the results were fantastic.

Jason Cohen

Founder, Unifier Festival & Forestdance

I’m the kind of person where if I’m gonna throw something out there, I want it done the right way. So I chose to work with Helix to produce my podcast at a level of expertise. They have really helped me engage with my audience the right way, I really enjoy working with them, and I couldn’t imagine using anyone else.

Erica Vargas

Relationship & Purpose Coach, In Search of Good Men Podcast

It’s been awesome working with the Helix team for a little over a year now. We’ve gotten to be completely hands off. We show up, we have a blast, and Helix launches it. I couldn’t rave about them more.

Angela Melpolder

Co-founder, The B Hive Apiary, Women's Social Community

Working with Helix has been next level! As a business woman, I needed a team to provide powerful content with quality and professionalism. The unique thing about their team is the way they connect with their clients. Their hearts lead the way and you can feel that through the work they produce. Thank you Helix – for helping me spread my message to as many people as possible, I couldn’t do it without you!

Amy Louise Cash

Catalyst & Coach For Women

“The Helix Team is exceptionally talented and wise, far beyond their years. They have great command of the camera, technically and aesthetically, as well as editing and graphic design. Helix has great taste and good ideas – I was not used to being in front of the camera and they made me look really good. On top of this, they were a joy to be around. I can’t wait to work with Helix again.”

David Lee

Yoga Barn Bali - Dance of the Dragon Qi Gong