Wayfinders Media

We are a media team that partners with successful heart-centered leaders to create custom media with excellence and impact.

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Every single day, a new leader creates massive results online because they understand these three secrets:

Media is the key to a greater impact in our global community.

The backbone of any online business is consistent media.

Videos & podcasts are the two most effective pillars of consistent media.

If you’re a successful thought leader, entrepreneur, or influencer like our clients, then you probably know some of them.

Right now, they are out in the world creating a greater impact with videos and podcast content, while other leaders wonder:

“What are the secrets and strategy for their media?”

“How do they have the time to create this content while running their business?

“How is the content they are creating such high quality?”

“Seriously, who is doing this for them?”

To put it simply, this is what we do.

We are a team of passionate storytellers, videographers, editors, audio engineers, strategists, and designers.

We’d love to become your core team.

For years, we’ve studied the trail of success while working side by side with top leaders and visionaries.

In that time, we developed a blueprint for this process that we now call The Wayfinders Method.




This is where we design the next level of your brand with custom media. We sit down with you to understand your vision and develop a strategy and system that aligns with you. Our strategies are designed to create more connection with your audience, clarify and tell your magnetic story, and integrate it with your business model.


If all you want is a cheap product handed to you, you’re in the wrong place. With our work, it’s more than what we do, it’s who we are. We are committed to excellence, so you can trust us, feel our integrity, and count on us as your team. We create high level, long term partnerships with a limited number of leaders for this reason.


This is where our team executes your strategy with dialed content creation systems for video series, podcast series, promo videos, photoshoots, design work, and social media. With years of experience, and our creative expertise, our team passionately works with you through the entire process to create, produce, and publish your consistent media, the right way.


We begin with the end in mind, so we know where to go. We take time to get clear on your vision so we can create measurable targets and results for your impact. This way, everything we create is custom tailored to pierce your vision & reach your goals. As the Wayfinders Team, we win when you win.

Using this system, we’ll partner with you to fully produce the media branch of your business with strategy and skill.